Its a dog’s life …

… The Parish Council have had a number of complaints about dog fouling in and around the Utkinton Village Hall car park.  Whilst there is a dog bin there some owners persist in allowing their pets to foul the grass and given that people and families use the tennis court it seems quite selfish for dog owners not to clear up their pets’ mess.

It can also be a problem along by Primrose Wood – a popular location for walkers, ramblers and dog walkers too.

The law

The Cheshire West and Chester Council (Fouling of Land by Dogs)(General) Order 2017 makes it an offence not to remove any faeces deposited by your dog.  This removal must be done without delay.  The Order applies to all open air areas in the borough and where the public have access, even if warning signs are not displayed.

The exception to this is Forestry Commission land or other land where the owner has given permission that faeces need not be removed.  The Order does not apply to people who are blind and those with other trained assistance dogs for specific disabilities.

The offence carries a maximum penalty of £1,000. You may be given the option of paying a £80 fixed penalty notice if paid within 14 days or £50 if paid within 7 days.  If a fixed penalty notice is accepted you also avoid a subsequent criminal record, if found guilty.

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