Poll closed for Cotebrook Green

Many thanks to those in Cotebrook who took the time to respond – the results are interesting.

21 residents (this could be households as we didn’t ask for addresses) responded and of those 13 voted online .  Assuming that the responses were not individuals but households, then this represents about 25% of the village – a good result.

The responses are (in descending order);

UCPC Rent it and turn it into a community orchard and picnic space – like Oulton Pool 11 52%
Simply hand it back to CWaC, save the money 7 33%
UCPC Rent it from CWaC and consider a play area 3 14%
UCPC Rent it and let residents maintain it 1 5%

So, based on the above, the Parish Council will investigate the possibility of turning the upper Green into a community orchard and picnic space – this does mean, however, that we may need to ask residents to undertake essential maintenance such as cutting the grass.

Once the new Parish Council sits after the election (May 14th) we will ask the Clerk to ensure this is discussed on the agenda.

Thank you once again for participating.


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