Planning Application – Cotebrook

We have just been informed that the closing date for submissions by the public is 22nd May, so if you intend to comment or object to these Outline Planning Proposals, then you will need to get them into CWaC quickly.

The Parish Council, along with Little Budworth Parish Council, are preparing comprehensive comments as ‘Consultees’ and will submit them next week. But should you wish to submit your own, please do.

19/01315/OUT | Erection of three dwellings | Land Adjacent Fox and Barrell Tarporley Road Tarporley

This is for a proposed development of three new house adjacent to (North of) the ‘Fox and Barrel’ in Cotebrook.  It sits across the Parish Boundaries of both Utkinton and Cotebrook and Little Budworth.

If you wish to review and comment upon the application please follow this link:

19/01315/OUT | Erection of three dwellings | Land Adjacent Fox and Barrell Tarporley Road Tarporley

The drawing below is not to scale but shows the location.19 01315 out Clay Rose

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