What comes around …

… goes around, or so they say.

Just come back from a wonderful occasion marking 100 years of WI at an afternoon tea in Utkinton Village Hall. Lots of ladies there plus a smattering of chaps as well. Cakes, savoury pies, tea et al – on a beautiful late spring day in a lovely location.

Margaret Bowers has a smashing archive of material dating right back to the beginnings of WI in Utkinton and, just to prove the title of this piece here are two extracts:

“May 1924;

… a mock Parliament was held on the question; “What was most needed in the Village?”

Suggestions were: improvement of roads; a letter box, schools disinfected; a railway station; a daily bus and a myriad other items.

March 1925

… There was a suggestion that the Crosville Motor Company should again be approached with a view to running a small bus through the village once or twice a week. A letter to be signed by all the members of the Institute.”

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