Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

By now you should have received two documents – the ‘Draft Plan’ and a ‘Comments Questionnaire’.  Getting these to every household in the Parish is the start of a six-week consultation process during which you can have your say on the various policies that have been drawn up.  These policies are based on the original consultations and the ‘Vision and Objectives’ documents that more than half of the Parish has completed since 2016.

So, we would ask you to read through the document and make comments against the relevant questions on the separate paper.  You can comment on items you would like to strengthen, add items that you believe should be included and suggest amendments to any of the policies.  We hope there is sufficient room on the ‘Comments’ paper but, if need be, use an additional sheet.  It may be that more of your family or household wish to comment, in which case there is an additional sheet that you can download below.  Once complete we would greatly appreciate you adding your name(s), age(s) and gender(s) and then dropping off the forms at one of the three collection points;

  • Nicole James, Hairdressers in Cotebrook
  • Rose Farm Shop in Utkinton
  • Bramble Bank, John Street, Utkinton

The six-weeks will be complete on the 6th September, and during the period of consultation we will arrange some local public meetings at which we can feed back the results and get your comments.

Following that the Final Draft will be submitted to Cheshire Community Action and then Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council for validation.  Once passed by these validations a Final Neighbourhood Plan will be submitted to an Inspector who will comment on it and then it will be subject to a Parish Wide Referendum.

We really appreciate your help and guidance in making this Utkinton and Cotebrook Neighbourhood Plan a document we can all be proud of.

You can download the Draft Plan and the ‘Comments and Responses’ from the links below as both Word and PDF format.  If you wish you can email ‘Your Comments and Responses’ to, or print them off and deposit them at any of the drop off points shown above.


WORD FORMAT               New Master NP 005

PDF FORMAT                    New Master NP 005




Tony Dahill

Chair, Utkinton and Cotebrook Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


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