“Cut off in me prime!” – A Tirley lane Update

It cannot have escaped your notice that Tirley Lane currently resembles ‘the Somme’, there are workmen everywhere so I asked them what was going on and what was the plan of ‘attack!’

They have been installing kerbing between ‘Silver Birches’ and ‘Heyeswood’ and hope to have that finished later today (Thursday).  They have also cut back the overhanging hedge line for most of the lane and are clearing up the rubbish.

Tomorrow (Friday) they will be Planing from the school to just above ‘Long Meadow’ and also the entrance to the Lane from Heaths Lane.  They have promised that we will be able to access from one end or the other so please be patient.

On Monday / Tuesday they will be tarmacing and making good.

I want to say ‘Thank You’ to all concerned for the way in which they have handled this – my only request might have been an ‘order of battle’, so we could gird our lions.


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2 Responses to “Cut off in me prime!” – A Tirley lane Update

  1. Stephen McQue says:

    Hi All,

    Anyone else in Cotebrook noticed, there is a silver Ford Transit van CY08 DLO that parks regularly in the parking bay at the Oulton Mill pool. This van is driven by a single man and is often left very late, 1 am it has been seen ? overnight. This has been going on for the last 3 weeks or so, don`t know if anyone knows who it is or if it needs to checked out.

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  2. Tirley lane is almost complete, CWaC have told us they will be looking at the ruts opposite to Monarchy Hall Farm and may use some of the planings to fill them. The road surface looks very good but, as yet there are no markings, so that will provide a little more disruption in the future. Our thanks go to CWaC and their contractors for the completion of the work and the general courtesy they have shown to residents.


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