Burst Water Main – North Brook Road

Following the recent bursts, a resident raised a complaint with United Utilities and below is their response.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us on 6 October 2019 regarding your concerns about the repeat bursts on North Brooke Road.

Firstly, I would like to apologise for any interruptions to your supply and also any inconvenience caused by our repeat visits. I understand that this can be very frustrating and I want to assure you that we attend as quickly as possible to repair and restore supplies. This is to ensure there is as little disruption to our customers as possible.

I can see that there have been several bursts or leaks in the same location and understand that it is not ideal for us to keep repairing the same section of pipe every time it bursts. However I would like to inform you that we are aware of this issue and this particular area has been highlighted for improvement, allow me to explain.

When we have an area that suffers multiple bursts, each incident is logged taking into account the severity and impact of the leak. This then enables us to assess the urgency for any improvement that may be required. We then prioritise any improvement projects by considering the regularity of the issue, the number of properties affected and the cost involved to undertake any improvement measures.

We acknowledge the regularity of issues at North Brook Road and having looked into the scope of the work this would require 220 meters of mains to be replaced. As you can appreciate, any work on this scale will require funding. After speaking with our Network Performance Engineer, he anticipates that funding will be approved for the work to be carried out hopefully in the next financial year (April 2020 to March 2021).

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