Reporting potholes and other Highways Issues

The past couple of winters and the scarcity of financial resources have seen many of the roads, streets and lanes around the parish deteriorate and we have been asked many times to complain to CWaC, which we dutifully do.  However you, as a resident, or a Councillor or a business holder in the Parish have it in grasp to complain as well.  The attached PDF and PPTX show you how.  Its simple and painless and the more people that report potholes and the like, the more attention we are likely to receive.

Please take a look and encourage your neighbours to do so as well.

Register a Highway’s Issue  (a PDF)

Register a Highway’s Issue  (a Powerpoint Presentation)

If you register an issue please let us know the Reference Number – we can make sure it is followed up – please email:



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2 Responses to Reporting potholes and other Highways Issues

  1. Bronwyn Kelly says:

    There is also a phone app which you can download for both Android and Apple called ‘Your Streets – Cheshire West and Chester’. This is quick and easy and allows for a photo of the pothole to be uploaded at the same time.


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