Rose Farm Shop

Written by Frank Tunney (his views)

… following the news that RFS id having to put restrictions on the numbers of shoppers at any one time …

The current outbreak of a panicademic has cause many large retail outlets and food shops to become denuded of stock due to ‘panic buying’ but Rose Farm Shop is a bit of a beacon of sense in a time of stress.

We have lived in the village for 30 and a bit years and in all that time the village shop has been part of our lives – first when it was run by Tony and Aileen Booth on the corner of Quarry Bank and John Street, opposite the Old Methodist Chapel and later when the new shop was built on its present site. It was a combination of the old shop and post office and the Johnson’s family butchers on Upper Northgate.

Back then life was much simpler and, when these two, long established businesses move onto the current site it was much smaller, but a bit of a ‘revolution, in village life.

Now it’s a bit like a mini-retail and commercial empire combining farming, grocers, post office, café, gift shop, florists/garden centre, Camper van sales, a car-wash and valet service, yoga, digital marketing electricians, furniture restoration, ‘high end’ pottery and soon (once the current difficulties are over) a gym and health centre. Not to mention the donkeys and other animals that delight young and old alike.

On the shop’s Facebook Page someone remarked as to the strictures being put in place but, to be honest, its because of Rose Farm Shop’s popularity that they are necessary,  It is the antithesis of the large multiple – great staff who care about what they do and know most of their customers and a wide range of stock, easy to park (well most days it is) it is what a village shop should be.

I wanted to recognise, as does the Parish Council, the part that this group of small business plays in local employment and acting as a focal point in the village and parish life – long may it continue to do so.

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1 Response to Rose Farm Shop

  1. avro56 says:

    We are very fortunate to have Rose Farm Shop and the businesses on the site. We must all support them. They all do a fantastic job for our community.

    Graham Spencer BEM



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