Message from Rowlands Pharmacy and other Retailers

People in Tarporley Ward, and specifically Utkinton and Cotebrook, have been volunteering to help those who are self-isolating during this Coronavirus pandemic and to help for those needing extra support. Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council has also been providing a coordination service to connect people with volunteers offering help.

Those self-isolating still need extra support and coordinating volunteers can help to further minimise and optimise the trips out that are essential.

Self-isolation will apply to people who:

  • are in vulnerable groups, who may or may not be otherwise healthy
  • have been in contact with infected or suspected infected people
  • have returned from other parts of the world
  • have the Coronavirus – COVID-19

The help that those self-isolating could need include, for example:

  • collecting shopping
  • collecting prescription medicines
  • collecting takeaway meals
  • dog walking
  • someone to talk to

We have a number of contacts for residents of the Parish and they will be contacting others around the Parish, initially by phone, to see how we can help.

If you need some help while in self-isolation or would like to volunteer to help those in self-isolation then call 07860 917446 between 9am-6pm or email

How are local shops and cafes adapting; any local home delivery services?

Rose Farm Shop at Utkinton (tel. 01829 732978) are taking orders over the phone and offering collection and some deliveries. If necessary, we will be liaising with them to provide volunteer ‘pickers’ and drivers.

What about getting my prescription; how can that work?

Our Volunteers can collect your prescriptions and deliver them to you.
Call 01829 833 069 between 9am-6pm
Please see your GP websites for instructions on making appointments and requesting prescriptions:

Tarporley Heath Centre: Drs Adey and Dancy at

Dr Campbell and partners at

I’m an NHS key worker and am struggling to get what I need from local shops, can you help?

 Yes, we’ll try to help by collecting your order from a local shop and bringing it to your door when you’re at home after your shift. Call 01829 833 069 between 9am-6pm.

What about OPAL; how will that be functioning?

 OPAL has moved to running a telephone befriending service and weekly newsletter instead of its weekly Club for its members, who are all older people with limited ability to get out and about on their own.  See or for more information.


Tarporley High Street Post Office has already collected some jigsaws and will try and arrange their distribution on request. Let us know if you’d like one or have some you could donate. Don’t make a special journey for this purpose, we’ll try and combine with volunteers doing other essential trips.

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