Utkinton and Cotebrook ‘Buddies’

By now, you may have been contacted by one of a number of ‘Buddies’ and around 125 residents were identified by the Parish Council, the WI and others as being ‘at risk’ and falling into the following categories:

  • Infirm (with any form of illness or lack of mobility)
  • Elderly
  • Housebound (as most of us are by now)
  • In need of support

I have been asked the question as to exactly what we are doing – well, the ‘Elderly states persons’ (I am one too) on the list will be making calls and logging requirements, then passing requests for collections – prescriptions, groceries, papers et al – onto some of the more able bodied of our number.  Rest assured we are all here to assist you if need be.  Just get in touch.

“On behalf of the Parish Council, I wish to thank those individuals and residents who volunteered and let you know who they are and their contact point.

Francis Tunney, Chair UCPC”

Margaret Bowers 01829 732349
Liz Hannath 01829 733778
Marian Atkinson 01829 760698
Steph Wrather 01829 732187
Graham and Yvonne Harrison 07425 775679
David and Rachel Williams 01829 733387
David and Faye Aspinall 07810 126118
Paul Murray 01829 730999
Alastair Findlay 01829 732536
Keith Metcalfe 01829 730111
Richard Coulson 01829 733625
Francis Tunney 07860 917446

So, should you wish to receive support, perhaps to collect a prescription, arrange home delivery etc.  Please get in touch with the ‘Buddy’ who has already contacted you – I know it works because I have used the system.  Just to confirm the role of a ‘buddy’ is to facilitate your requests, not to visit, but where they can they will.

My number (07860 917446) and email (utkintonpc@gmail.com) are there because I can be an intermediary if you cannot get in touch with your ‘Buddy’.

In addition, if you know of someone who might need support, please get in touch.

We will all respond quickly.

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