Being creative in the lockdown.

One of our residents – Kath Dahill – was prompted to write suggesting that there are a couple of ways we could come together as a community, without being together and this was echoed by Eveleigh Moore Dutton in her thoughts about growing sunflowers.

So let me plant the seed of a thought – Kath has some plant pots she would donate and also a box full of fabric offcuts and remnants that the youngsters of our two villages might be able to turn into some creative artwork.  These can be collected from her house (no physical contact would be required) by families, or, if you would prefer, give her a call on 01829 733701 to arrange a pickup.  ‘Kath added; ‘if people were to display their sunflowers at the front of their houses in pots or gardens , it might bring a little sunshine into all our lives while in Lockdown. Also, anyone can collect plant pots from our driveway as they go past, but if they want fabric, I will need to know beforehand as I cannot leave it on the doorstep in case it rains.”

On the second strand, Eveleigh is in touch with Tarporley Garden Centre who are able to deliver sunflower seeds, compost and pots – perhaps to a central point (not sure where but we have two village halls and Rose Farm)

Watch out here for more news.

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