Plants available – helping to support UniCef

One of our resident families has chosen to try and support UniCef and they sent this Mail:

“You may not be aware that my wife and daughter have been selling plants at the front of our house – 6 Rowlands View, just opposite the farm shop entrance – from a shop (a painted pallet with shelves) we’ve called “A and F Plants”,  named after the initials of our children. All the plants have been grown in our garden, and so far we have raised just over £108 (next £40 to be deposited imminently), all proceeds of which are going to Unicef to support children who have been affected by the coronavirus. Not bad considering most items are between 20p and a £1!

you can see the page here:

A very colourful display

It has been wonderful to get the support of the community – and i wondered whether you would be able to put a note on the website to see if anyone has any plants (of any sort) they would like to donate to the shop. We have a target of £200, so are over half way there, but are running out of plants!!!

Please let me know if this seems possible. It is a bit of a good news story, so hopefully welcome in these times.

Best Regards,

David and Faye

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