Reopening Utkinton Village Hall Tennis Court – 30th May 2020

The relaxation of the ‘rules’ regarding outdoor pursuits is good news for those of you who are members of Utkinton Tennis Club and who play on the court behind the Village Hall.  As of this Saturday 30th May the court will open for ‘play to resume …’

There are some restrictions on what we can do and they are shown in this info-graphic taken from the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) advice to public and municipal courts across England.

So, if you want to book a session on the court then talk to Kath Dahill on 01829 733701 and she will ensure that, if you are a member or want to join, she will provide you with the pass code for the gate.

All we ask is that you keep within the ‘rules’ and only tennis will be allowed.

Please keep safe.

Reopening 30 may

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