Updated schedule for Utkinton Village Hall – 1st September 2020:

From this week we will have a number of sessions in the Hall and below is a table that will allow you to see what and when and who to contact:

Should you wish to hire the hall for a regular session or group, a party or a presentation (subject, of course to Government restrictions that might apply) please contact Frank Tunney on 07860 917446 or utkintonvillagehall@gmail.com

The hire charges are:

  • Regular club £7.00 per hour
  • Events £8.00 per hour
  • Public Meetings/ Parties £20.00 per Session (3 hours)

The latest time for the Hall to close is 10:30pm.


Day / time Session Contact Details
Mon am    
Mon pm    
Mon eve    
Tue am    
Tue pm    
Tue Eve (7:30) (bimonthly) Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council (rotates with Cotebrook VH –  back page) www.utkintonandcotebrook.com utkintonandcotebrookclerk@gmail.com
Wed am    
Wed pm    
Wed eve (Monthly) Utkinton WI https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=Utkinton%20WI

Liz Hannath and Margaret Bowers

Thu am (09:00) Pilates Vicky Robinson: wellbeingandpilates@gmail.com
Thu am


Pilates Vicky Robinson: wellbeingandpilates@gmail.com
Thu pm    
Thu eve Yoga Brenda McCooey mccooeybrenda@gmail.com  01606 881710
Fri am Pilates Vicky Robinson: wellbeingandpilates@gmail.com
Fri pm    
Tri Eve    
Sat am


Budo Ka Red Dragon SKA Glyn Roberts: kugbkarate@gmail.com, http://www.shoto.co.uk/


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