News from the Parish Council

We have a few bits of news to impart much of which will be good news;

Cotebrook Green – Community Orchard:  With the help of Councillor Moore-Dutton we have been able to arrange the Transfer of Title for the green immediately behind the garages on Woodlands Close from CWaC to the Parish Council.  This means that our goal of creating a ‘community orchard / space’ for the residents of Cotebrook can, at last, become a reality.  We will be asking your views of exactly what you would like to see there – orchard, seating, shrubbery, wild flowers etc. but if you have any ideas that you would like to put forward please let either Marian Atkinson (01829 760698‬ ) or Frank Tunney (07860 917446 ) Know and we will collate all the ideas.

Cotebrook Speed Reduction – We have agreed the works to be done to make the area shown here; a 30 mph Zone.  It comes at a cost (£1,200) which the Parish would have to fund.  But we hope the work can proceed quickly.

Utkinton Flashing Speed Sign – Quarry Bank; The Parish Council has persuaded CWaC to relocate the 30mph Solar Sign from outside ‘Southley’ on Quarry Bank to the north side of the bus shelter on John Street.  This will, we hope be undertaken soon.

Utkinton 20 mph Zone; The Parish Council petitioned CWaC for the Zone to be extended from the junction of Quarry Bank / John street to just above the junction between John Street and Big Field Lane for safety reasons.  This was turned down by both CWaC and Cheshire Police.  We could, if we so wished, extend the zone ourselves at the cost to the PC of around £2,000 but doing so would render the WHOLE of the 20mph zone unenforceable.

Utkinton and Cotebrook Draft Neighbourhood Plan: CWaC informed us that this is likely to proceed to Neighbourhood Plan publicity consultations (regulation 16) shortly. We are currently reviewing our procedures and considering how we can minimise any risks, regarding access to documents.  This is likely to happen during October and copies of the Consultation Papers will be made available locally and also on the Council and Parish Council Websites.

CWaC will be reviewing our submission documents over the next couple of weeks. Once done they will write to the Parish Council formally to confirm receipt and provide more information on the consultation. We are hoping to start the consultation early October 2020, depending on any additional measures we will put in place (we are aiming to do this will be in parallel with another NDP group who are at the same stage as yourselves).

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