Message from St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice – Dazzling Displays

What a difficult year this has been for everyone, presenting many challenges for local communities and of course charities.  This Christmas, here at St Luke’s, we are hoping to brighten our communities by encouraging people to have a ‘Dazzling Display’ of Christmas lights in the hope of bringing some light into a dark time of year and of course, we hope, raise a little money for the Hospice.  To this end I have attached a copy of a poster publicising our initiative and wondered if you would be prepared to promote this at all in your community.  Every display that signs up will go on a downloadable map, enabling families to have a ride or walk out to see their local displays.   At a dark time for everyone, we are hoping that these displays will help lift people’s spirits and help us all to get through a tough time.   Any help you can offer will be very gratefully received

Dazzling Displays St Lukes Hospice

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