Sheep attacks off John Street; Christmas Eve – Christmas Day

We are posting this without the photographs but if you need to see them go to our Facebook page.

If you have any information, please come forward.

Warning: Distressing images below . . .
Today PC Marson & I have been out to the Death of around 30, yes THIRTY poor Ovine livestock !! following yet another abhorrent Sheep-Worrying incident.
This attrocious event occurred in fields: sometime between Christmas Eve & Day lunchtime, off John Street, Utkinton.
Only limited actual bloody attack wounds are present indicating a Dog/s have chased & worried the majority of the sheep to stressed & panicked Exhaustion.
Beyond the Appalling Animal Suffering & Criminal Offences committed this is huge Loss to the Farmer.
Enquiries are ongoing but if you have any relevant information please get in touch.
This attack with the limited injuries is a case in point to illustrate that Dogs need not be ferocious or actually necessarily physically attack livestock to cause catastrophic results.
The Law, the Criminal Offences committed by the person/s in charge of the Dog/s & the significant Risks to both the Livestock & Dogs have been laid out in detail before.
Please ensure your Dog is always under proper Control in the Countryside. Remember the ‘Animals Act’ 1971 imposes ‘Strict Liability’ on this key point following a livestock attack; meaning that there is NO DEFENCE !
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