Cheshire West and Chester into Tier 4

Following the announcement in Parliament today:

The tier for this area is changing soon

We’ve matched the postcode CW6 0JZ to Cheshire West and Chester Council.

This area is in Tier 3: Very High alert

At the moment Cheshire West and Chester Council is in Tier 3.

Find out what the Tier 3 rules are

From 31 December

Cheshire West and Chester Council will be in Tier 4: Stay at Home.

Find out what the Tier 4 rules are

Image may contain: text that says "HM Government NHS CORONAVIRUS TIER STAY AT HOME you live Tier area, you cannot join or form Christmas bubble. You must not leave or be outside of your home except specifie purposes. AND FAMILY RESTAURANTS RETAIL akeaway, through WORK BUSINESS EDUCATION must omhome ya unable doso. INDOOR LEISURE Closed. ACCOMMODATION PERSONAL CARE Closed limited exceptions) OVERNIGHT Closed. WEDDINGS FUNERALS ENTERTAINMENT OF WORSHIP Indoore entertainmentc open. continue nexeptonarcircumstankes dob TRAVELLING EXERCISE RESIDENTIAL EXTREMELY VULNERABLE tad appointments For support and more information visit: HANDS FACE SPACE"

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