CWaC waste strategy – your choices

Hopefully, by the end of today all households in Cotebrook and Utkinton will have received a flier about this consultation.  Our aim wasn’t to be political, but to ensure that everyone in the Parish understood that you can have a chance to contribute.  At the core of this is the speculation that, during the coming financial year there is a serious discussion taking place over the withdrawal of the Green Garden Waste bins and the restructuring of the timings for the household collections of other bins.

What will the removal of the Green Bins mean for you?  How will you manage the 40 weeks of lawn, hedge and flower cuttings.  We are told that you should compost them or take them to your nearest waste recycling centre.  Either way this decision will place the onus squarely on the shoulders of residents and, for residents in a rural setting, this seems an unacceptable compromise.

Our calculations show that most households receive around 104 collections a year;

  • 26 x Black/grey bins (household Waste)
  • 26 x Green bins (Garden waste)
  • 52 household box and caddy collections

We estimate the costs as

CWaC Household Collection Budget  £ 12,800,000.00
households 150000
Cost per Household  £               85.33
Number of collections (all bins and boxes) 104
Cost per collection  £                 0.82
Cost per PA for green bin  £               21.33

So, we are urging you to make your views felt by contributing to the Waste Strategy consultation and we have copied the links below

FINAL FINAL waste-strategy-consultation-easy-read-lo-res_v5b

FINAL FINAL Waste Consultation 12pp_6071_LRes

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