Cotebrook Community Orchard

Cotebrook Community Orchard!

 Do you have a spade and an hour to spare on

Saturday 27th February at 12 noon?

 Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council are delighted to announce that they have been given some fruit trees to plant on Cotebrook Green as a start of a little orchard there … we have  Cheshire damson, plum, pear and different Cheshire apples. All the trees will be half standards with a guard, tie and stake.

Now it’s your turn Cotebrook!

Can we ask for a couple of volunteers who have their own spades to join us to plant trees for an hour?

Forgot to say where it is; behind Woodlands Close, Cotebrook, entry down lane from Oulton Mill Lane.


Please contact the Clerk on 07709512348 or email   if you can help or just come along this Saturday at 12 noon.

Please note, Covid-19 Government guidance will be followed at all times.

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