‘Walking the dog …’

No, not the Rufus Thomas song –

The Parish Council have recently been made aware that there is only one bin that can be used for dog waste in Utkinton or Cotebrook.  We would like to add at least two but in order to do so, we need to identify the real hotspots – can you help us?Please reply with your top two spots for a new bin.  Thank you.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Primrose Wood / Heaths Lane
  • Cotebrook Green
  • Knights Lane / Quarry Bank
  • Smithy Lane

Please email your votes for your favourite two to utkintonpc@gmail.com

. We are making no promises but will do our best!

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1 Response to ‘Walking the dog …’

  1. Sue Sinclair says:

    I tried to ‘vote’ using the email address above (cut & paste), but the email was returned “Reason: A message that you sent to the following recipient could not be delivered due to a permanent error. ** The remote server ?? responded with: ** utkintonpc@me.com ??:?? This message was created automatically by mail delivery software on the server”
    I would vote for Primrose Wood, and Quarry Bank (Rowley Farm) which was in the original email about the post


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