Utkinton and Cotebrook Neighbourhood Plan Update

We have just been notified that The Cabinet Member for Housing, Planning and Climate Emergency will make the decision on this matter on or after 22nd March 2021.

Details of Utkinton and Cotebrook Neighbourhood Plan – Examiners report and next steps have been published. This item will be considered by Housing, Planning and Climate Emergency Portfolio Holder


1)    The Utkinton and Cotebrook Neighbourhood Plan (“the Neighbourhood Plan”)  was submitted by Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council (“the Parish Council”) to Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council (“the Council”) in April 2020 and, following a seven week publicity period, was the subject of an independent examination. The report of the Examiner provided at Appendix 1 to this report has now been received and recommends that the Neighbourhood Plan, subject to modifications, should progress to referendum.

2)    The Council is required to consider the recommendations of the Examiner and decide how to proceed.

You can view this document using the link: issue details on public web site


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1 Response to Utkinton and Cotebrook Neighbourhood Plan Update

  1. Pauline Mahon says:

    I have been asked by Frank Tunney to bring the issue of the rented garages ,owned by Weaver Vale Housing Association , to the Parish Council . I have repeatedly asked Weaver Vale if they were aware of the type of contents that are stored in the garages as my property , 7 Woodlands Close , is adjacent to the rear of all 3 . I am told that in the rental contract there are exclusions but no further details . I attached photograph taken of content being loaded into one garage !I have not approached the “hirers” directly . Weaver Vale have said one garage is presently awaiting an inspection before it can be let , again no details forthcoming , could the building be unsafe ,hopefully not a vermin issue !

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