More Fly Tipping

Was alerted by two residents about a large sofa that was ‘resting’ in a ditch on Heaths Lane, have reported it,

Why are people so awfully lazy.

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3 Responses to More Fly Tipping

  1. angela101tibet says:

    I agree that the fly tipping is dreadful but it is also worth noting having moved to Utkinton recently from Yorkshire the local tips here do not take objects such as furniture and mattresses which are often fly tipped ( they took these items in Yorkshire and I note also take them in East Cheshire). People get frustrated by these limitations which in some respects promotes fly tipping. I note that you can dispose of these items via CWAC for a fee £15 per item – but why should we have to pay when others surrounding us do not?


    • Thanks Angela, but as we report stuff like this it is we who, eventually, pick up the bill – via our rates bills. Nothing ‘promotes’ fly-tipping, there are ways to dispose of furniture and its sheer laziness. Sorry to disagree and £15 is much lower than the potential fine if you are spotted.


      • angela101tibet says:

        I think we agree more than we differ actually – it’s a nuisance for sure and we locals are left sorting it out – but we may see more of this – not less – given wider changes to household refuse collections proposed by CWAC ( just saying ….)


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