Unthinking dog owners …

We’ve tried gentle persuasion through our website and social media but this, single, image should tell ANY dog owner why they should take their dog’s dropping home and dispose of them sensibly.

Apart from harming children and making the job of contractors gruesome, just act sensibly.

Laziness puts this little girl in danger

We received this from our contractor who keeps our Green Spaces in order;

“…today Saturday 24th April. Dave had been back to the village green to strim around the edges . Absolutely appalled that he came back covered in DOG POO !! The strimmer sprayed it all over him from the bags of POO left on the edge where the grass is longer!! To say he was angry is an understatement!! For those people with dogs that use the green make sure you take your DOG POO home and put in your bin.”

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1 Response to Unthinking dog owners …

  1. cobwebd says:

    Cotebrook Green has never looked better with the fruit trees in bloom and the grass cut and edges trimmed ,this is a real asset to the village .
    This has been achieved after many skilful negotiations from Councillors and the “gold Star “ job done by the Contractor .Please, please can all dog walkers be responsible for their animals , there are more children moving into the village who will love the area, we are all aware of the health risks to children .
    All residents can contribute if only by passing on the messages that may not have been seen online .


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