HMG ‘Decarbonising Transport’ – A better, greener Britain – RHon Grant Shapps MP

The Government has just release this paper, it deals with transport futures right across Britain. To download it in PDF please click the link below;

The opening paragraphs are shown in text format here:

Decarbonising Transport:
A Better, Greener Britain
Foreword from the The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP,
Secretary of State for Transport

Transport decarbonisation is a dull way of describing something
much more exciting and far-reaching.
Because transport is not just how you get around. It is something
that fundamentally shapes our towns, our cities, our countryside,
our living standards, our health, and our whole quality of life. It
can shape all these things for good – or for bad.
Bad is spending longer and longer stuck in traffic. It’s the huge
increase in rat-running down roads which were never meant
for it. It is millions of people literally, if slowly, being poisoned
by the very air they breathe. Every one of these things also
contributes to climate change.
And decarbonisation is not just some technocratic process. It
is how we fix some of that harm. It is how we make sure that
transport shapes the country and the economy in ways that
are good. It’s about taking the filth out of the air and creating
cleaner, quieter, healthier places. It’s about a second, green,
industrial revolution, creating hundreds of thousands of new,
skilled jobs, in some of the proud towns and cities that were the
cradle of the first one.
It’s not about stopping people doing things: it’s about doing
the same things differently. We will still fly on holiday, but in
more efficient aircraft, using sustainable fuel. We will still drive
on improved roads, but increasingly in zero emission cars.
We will still have new development, but it won’t force us into
high-carbon lifestyles.
Because of the pandemic, some of it is happening faster than we
expected. Homeworking has changed traditional commuter and
shopping trips, probably for ever. Videoconferencing has changed
business travel. These things, in themselves, will save thousands
of tonnes of carbon – but they also create new challenges, such
as a further rise in already proliferating delivery vehicles on the
roads. This plan includes clear actions to cut delivery traffic and
make it low-carbon, including harnessing new technology and
‘last-mile’ delivery consolidation.

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