Cotebrook ‘Book Box’

“At the last Parish Council meeting in July it was acknowledged that the Red Telephone box located in Cotebrook was beginning to show signs of needing attention, the parish council had received reports that some of the contents were less than desirable and that the box was occasionally misused.  It was resolved that the ‘book box’ be emptied, repainted and then locked up. 

Since July, the parish council has had a request that the telephone box be unlocked and  reinstated as a “book box”. 

So the Parish Council would like your views.

  • Do you use the book box?
  • What would you do with it?

lease get in touch with us via our web-page here or social media on Facebook or NextDoor.In light of the new interest in the topic and new information received,

The Parish Council will be reopening the discussions at its 14th September meeting in Utkinton Village Hall and would appreciate your input – by mail/web or face to face.Many thanks.”

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