Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting to discuss plans for HM the Queen’s Jubilee in June 2022

Councillors are summoned and residents are invited to attend the



To be held at Utkinton Village Hall

Monday 11th October 2021 at 7.30pm

Clerk & RFO:  Kath Lloyd

Email: utkintonandcotebrookclerk@gmail.com                                                                                

In June 2022, the United Kingdom will once again be in the spotlight around the world while we raise a glass in celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 70th Year Reign.

The May Bank Holiday has been moved and extended to Thursday 2nd June 2022 and with an extra Bank Holiday on Friday the 3rd of June where we will enjoy a nationwide 4-day celebration to include splendour and pageantry like only the British know how.

Our Royal Jubilee events are synonymous with street parties and gatherings up and down the country, friends and neighbours will get together to enjoy this historic event and to show support and thanks for our Monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council are keen to mark this momentous event and intend to hold an Extra Ordinary Meeting on Monday 11th October from 7.30 – 9pm for residents and councillors to share ideas and discuss and agree plans.


11.10.01     Welcome, attendance and apologies accepted                          Chair

11.10.02     Initial plans shared and discussed                           Cllrs Atkinson & Spencer

11.10.03     Suggestions, comments and input from residents                    Chair

11.10.04    Summary and next steps                                                                Chair


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