Covid warning

Just received this via Tarporley PC:

This is just a quick email to get this information out to you asap. More details to follow later. 

From today’s letter to all parents and guardians, Tarporley High School have announced that there is a significant/serious rise in Covid cases amongst the pupils at the school.  Working with Public Health measures have been introduced within the school, such as wearing of masks, weekly Lateral Flow Testing conducted by the school itself, more hand washing etc.  

The pattern with such outbreaks is that after a week or so, the infection gets transmitted to the wider community, so I making you aware that you need to be especially careful now for say the next 3 weeks, in order to avoid picking up the infection in the village, in the shops, pubs, and so on. Regrettably this is not just an issue within the school. 

Please make your friends aware. Thanks

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