Utkinton Village Hall Survey an Update

We have found people asking for alternate methods of collecting your preferences and have, thanks to one of our residents, found a way.

If you would like to submit your data and choices online then click on this link. Its completely anonymous and all we ask are you choices, your gender and your age – these will help us decide the kinds of activity we offer. The link is below, all you have to do is click on the activities and it will be posted to us,

In April next year our venerable hall will celebrate its 100th birthday and we will be having a bit of a ‘bash’ to commemorate the date.  In looking to the past we also need to look to the future and, as we emerge from the cocoon that was ‘lockdown’ we need to think about what the hall is used for and would like your help.

The attached survey is anonymous, we are just gathering preferences right now. Download it in either PDF or Word Format

You can respond by filling in the reverse side of the form and posting it back in one of three locations:

The post box to the right of the village hall door

Graham Harrison – 20 Northbrook Road, Utkinton


Frank Tunney – Long Meadow, Tirley Lane, Utkinton

Thank you in advance for your help.

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