Following News and Events in Utkinton and Cotebrook

The past 20 months or so have seen us adopt different ways of gathering information about where we live.  The Parish Council is acutely aware that, for many residents, communication may be more difficult so we are trying to make the process easier by setting up four online channels by which you can find out what is going on:

This website:

Utkinton and Cotebrook Community Pages on Facebook:

Utkinton and Cotebrook Village Group (on Facebook):


Each of these represents an opportunity to keep in touch and not miss anything important.

We also publish ‘The Courier’ up to three times a year and that, too, is made available online as well as being delivered to your door.

Then we have eleven (11) Parish Council Meetings a year (11 because we have a recess in August) and residents are welcome to attend and, if they have something to say about items on the agenda, they can do.

The Parish Council welcomes your input – it is what keeps us relevant to your lives.

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