The Parish Council has had the following post that seems a real way for us to try to rewild and ‘suck up’ CO2 – if you are interested or know of anywhere in our Parish that could benefit from this offer pleases get in touch with Andrew.

From: <>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2021 at 13:57
Subject: Free trees for planting projects – Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council, Cheshire
To: <>

Hi there,

We work with lots of wildlife trusts, community woodlands and community farms around the UK, supplying them with free trees for their nature reserves, rewilding projects, etc.
Would you like free trees from us for any of your tree planting projects?  We generally supply a minimum of 150 trees for projects but we can be fairly flexible.

Or do you know of any tree planting projects in Cheshire, or nearby regions, that would like free trees from us in 2021/2022?  

We’re happy to provide free trees for many years beyond that too. The trees are all UK native species, grown from UK seed and can be supplied with free shelters, stakes, weed mats, etc. 

You’ll find lots more info, our criteria and our tree request form here …
While we prefer to work with nature reserves / community woodlands / community farms, we can possibly supply trees for private landowners that you work with that have public access to their land. 
Many thanks,

Andrew Haining – Founder, Woodland Creation, Rewilding and more

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