Music for the Jubilee at Tirley Garth Sunday 5th June

Music preferences for UCPC Jubilee celebrations at Tirley Garth 5th June.

We’re posting this on behalf of the Jubilee Steering Group.

Wehad ten responses and from a ‘focus group’ have created a DRAFT survey (the link is below) and I wonder if you could please help the JSG by completing it online. No personal information is being gathered apart from gender and age and I stress this is a DRAFT and will NOT be PUBLISHED.

If it works we will review it and publish it on our webpage/social media.

We need to gather and analyse the information to aid the JSG by the end of week ending 3rd December. (BTW I know I misspelt ‘Motown’ – doh)

If you have other family members in your household, particularly those in the 11 – 20 age group, we would greatly appreciate if you could ask them to complete it too – the more the merrier!

Your help is vital to getting the event right. Please consider the choices and make ONLY THREE. Many thanks

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