More info about Music Genre Survey

We’ve just completed a pilot study based on 21 responses and would ask that if you haven’t responded, please do.  

This is an event that UCPC will be managing and it is important that we do so based on the most up to date information.  If you have completed the survey, thanks, but have your family?  After all this will be a family event and we need everyone’s views.
Here is the link could you ask your family, friends, neighbours to complete it.  

I just realised that there is a category at the bottom of the list that states ‘Other’ and if you click it then you are able to put a text response – if your choice isn’t in the list then type in the genre that you might wish to hear. 

The survey is open until 3rd December and whilst there is no rush, any collected after that will not be counted. And because its an anonymous form you do not have to worry about being contacted

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