Notice ref Omicron

From: Mark Reading (CCA)
Sent: 22 December 2021 11:00
Subject: Omicron Covid Update
Importance: High Dear Colleagues, Omicron Covid Update We’ve been asked to share the following, Omicron impact learning from London hospitals: 

  • Seeing a sharp increase in hospital admissions – people not seriously ill so not ICU, however still needing admission;
  • Significant increase in staff absence due to COVID;
  • Expect to peak on boxing day at which point expect staff absence to be 30%.

 For North West we are being advised to expect impact from 1st January 2022 and to prepare now to treat as a major incident.  High impact likely to be felt for 3 weeks, then will start to improve.    This is a major issue from a hospital perspective but equally for social care.  30% staff absences is going to impact across the whole system. The message coming from CWaC is for providers to be aware of these developments and for our continued support in keeping the most vulnerable people supported during this difficult period. 

Take care

Mark Reading
Chief Operating OfficerCheshire Community Action Queens House AnnexeQueens RoadChesterCH1 3BQ t: 01244 400222m: 07788 290248

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