Utkinton Village Hall – Meeting about multisport court

This Thursday evening (17th March) Utkinton Village Hall Committee are holding a meeting to discuss what residents would like to see happening on the Multisport Court plus other areas. Residents are invited to attend and to put forward their views on the subject.

The Hall Management Committee believe that your views are important.

The agenda is below:

Meeting of Utkinton Village Hall Management Committee Utkinton Village Hall, Thursday 17th March 2022


Following the recent UVH AGM at which it was agreed to review the multisport court Kathryn Dahill has requested a separate meeting be held to explore the options;


Note those present and receive apologies for absence. 
To receive comments from residents of the village attending 
To receive any documents in relation to the future of the Multisport court to the rear of Utkinton Village HallKD GH FT
To discuss and take proposals for further action vis-à-vis 2.0 above 
Any other business 
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