Utkinton Village Hall Meeting (update)

Good morning (although it feels like its the ‘dead of night’), we’d like to try and encourage anyone, of all ages, from the Village of Utkinton to join the us at the Village Hall tomorrow evening so that we can hear YOUR views on what you might like to see as the future of the multisport court at the hall.

We conducted a survey last November which told us that you held some views and over the intervening period we have attempted to take soundings from users, but still have no clear vision for the future.

The Court was laid in or around 2003 and, since then has been used, mainly, for family tennis, and more recently for basket ball but it was originally set up for ‘multisport’.

So, what would you like to see there? If you care, and we are certain that you do, spare us some time on Thursday to give us the benefit of your views. We won’t dictate, we will listen.

Thanks Frank T

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2 Responses to Utkinton Village Hall Meeting (update)

  1. jjnorthbrook says:

    I am really sorry I cannot attend the meeting tomorrow as I have a prior sporting commitment.
    I looked after the multi sports facility for about ten years from it’s inception. When we first opened it we had 45 families who were members. After a few years with similar membership numbers it did dwindle to about 20 family members in my time as coordinator.
    Having looked at the village demographics I am not sure what the village needs now but having being involved in quite a few playground schemes I do know the cost of setting up and insurance liability is high and unfortunately they can be synonymous linked to anti social behaviour and do take care and upkeep. Not saying it shouldn’t happen just how many of the village does it serve to provide a recreational space. My concern is also get road. If it is a play facility for older children who may go on their own, the speed of cars going through the village is a huge concern to me. I would like to see the area be of universal appeal which a play area may not. Sorry I can’t be at the meeting but having been involved in the setting of a number if recreational spaces happy to share my experiences at any time.


    • Thank you jjnorthbrook, your input is welcome and has been passed to the Committee for inclusion in the ‘debate’. It may be that UVHMC wishes to ask for you input at sometime and hope that you will allow this.


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