Knight’s Pond location – FOUND!

Its almost opposite High Billinge Pond on the west side of Quarry Bank amongst two stands of trees. Its on private land, so please don’t trespass!

Thanks to one of our recent Councillors (Roger Barnes) who had fond memories of fishing and playing there.

I am in the process of archiving the ‘UTKINTON NEWSLETTERS’ and in the process found a few references to ‘Knight’s Pond’ and am curious to know where this was/is. In the same ‘newsletters’ there is also reference to High Billinge Pond – are they one and the same. If you can help please email me at

Do you have any newsletters (not ‘The Courier’) from between January 2001 to December 2016? If so would you be prepared to let me borrow and scan them for posterity?

This is all part of a larger project to archive ‘What the Papers Said’ about our Parish and these will be lodged with the villages when complete.

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