Neighbourhood Planning




Shaping Future Development For The Parish

More Houses?  More Jobs?  A Safer Environment?

Better Facilities?


We have taken the comments made in the first round of consultations and identified seven sections to form the vision of how Utkinton and Cotebrook could develop over the next 10 years


Now it’s up to YOU again

We want YOUR thoughts on the objectives we’ve identified.

Tell us your views and help us shape future policy.

Your opinions are valuable –

Its’s YOUR community – how do YOU want it to develop?

It’s time for YOU to give your views

If you want more information, or another copy of this form, call Tony Dahill for Utkinton (01829 733701/0798 577 3803 ( or Marian Atkinson for Cotebrook (01829 760698) and they will do their best to help you

About the Neighbourhood Plan

 We aim to make Utkinton and Cotebrook an even better place to be, now and for future generations. The Neighbourhood Plan will cover a 10 year time period with a review in 5 years. It allows the community to exert more control over where development takes place, to influence the type and quality of that development, and to ensure that the change it brings meets local objectives. The alternative to adopting our own Neighbourhood Plan is to live with inappropriate development pressure; to be forced into a reactive approach responding to each planning application as it is submitted

  • Instead of people being told what to do, the Government thinks that local communities should have genuine opportunities to influence the future of the places where they live and work.
  • Working with the support of our Local Authority – Cheshire West and Chester – our Neighbourhood Plan will be in line with national planning policy.
  • Neighbourhood Planning will allow us to determine our future, to say where we think new houses, businesses and shops should go – and what they should look like.
  • Local people will – through a local referendum – be able to vote on the Plan and, if approved by a majority, it will be brought into force by the local authority.
  • To further strengthen our role, developers will have to respond to the Neighbourhood Plan and consult our local community. This will give all residents of Utkinton and Cotebrook a chance to comment while there is still genuine scope to make changes to proposals.

What Utkinton and Cotebrook will be like in the next 10 years

  • A sustainable, thriving and prosperous community that support a high quality of life for all its residents.
  • A distinctive and flourishing settlement that exhibits a distinctive vitality and dynamism.
  • Adaptable to climate change and with reduced carbon dependence
  • An area with a high quality natural environment and protected wildlife interests.
  • Change that will be for the long term benefit of the whole community


In this booklet, we have set out the key issues, as identified by a range of local information which has been collected, and by the first round of public consultation, under seven headings. Alongside each set of issues, we have drawn up proposals for you to consider and we would like you to respond by circling the numbers between 1 and 5. Number 5 means that you agree strongly with our proposals, and number 1 means that you disagree strongly.

 There are three options to complete this survey:

  1. Complete the survey by filling out the paper copy and, when you have done this, please cut out the comments boxes and return them to the collection points, which you will find in the Village Hall and Rose Farm Shop in Utkinton and the Village Hall in Cotebrook. Forms can also be returned to Bramble Bank, Utkinton.
  2. Complete the survey on paper and pop it into the ‘Reply Paid’ envelope we have provided and drop it into a Royal Mail letterbox
  3. We have provided a confidential online form at the end of each Proposal and you can simply complete that online by clicking on the link

The consultation period runs until FRIDAY 16th NOVEMBER 2018

If you want to add your comments on the proposals, please use the back of the cut out part, or, if there isn’t enough space, use a separate sheet of paper and attach the relevant colour coded cut out to it. For information on pre-paid envelopes see p12.

Or you can also add your comments on each Proposal on the online form

You don’t have to comment on each issue, but your opinions will be most important in forming the document which will become the Neighbourhood Plan.

There will be a prize draw into which each comment sheet returned will be entered. You will need to put your name,telephone number and postcode on the comment sheet to enter the draw; and we would also like to know what age you are, and whether you are male or female, to help us with our analysis. If you don’t want to give us this information, you can still return the comment sheets but will not be entered into the prize draw.

If you would like further information, or are unable to drop off the form, contact:

Tony Dahill – 01829 733701/0798 577 3803 ( or

Marian Atkinson – 01829 760698.


Our objective is to enable the provision of a choice of new homes to meet the needs of the community including:

  • People who wish to live in family homes.
  • First time buyers.
  • People who wish to rent.
  • Young families with a restricted income who need a larger property.
  • Older people and others who wish to downsize.
  • “Self” or “custom” builders

The issues you identified:

  • No major developments in the Parish.
  • Small scale housing development.
  • Need for sustainable housing development.
  • Better mix of housing (size, tenure and price).
  • Need for affordable homes.

Our Proposals:

  1. All new housing should help to broaden the range of stock available in the Parish. It should complement and add to the existing stock, broadening choice and extending the opportunity to live in the Parish to a wide range of people.
  2. The Neighbourhood Plan will identify sites suitable for housing development. Proposals for new housing should adopt a design, siting and layout approach that complement the current housing stock
  3. Proposals for new housing must ensure that the scale and type of housing provided and the rate of construction will enable proportionate growth, will not undermine the character of the Parish and will respect the form and nature of the Area of Special County Value (ASCV).
  4. Some development is inevitable but it is important that the scale is supported by the community

You now have two choices – either:

a. complete it on the paper that was delivered


b. Go to this link where the whole survey form is displayed, complete it and press ‘submit’