Back of an envelope survey – community transport

Good morning residents of Cotebrook and Utkinton. We have a question ahead of our meeting with CWaC Transport Commissioning, our MP and our Ward Councillor.  Do you have someone living next to you, or  close to you, or maybe it is you, who could benefit from a better Community Transport service?

If so we would appreciate hearing what they would like, it may be a door to door service, it may be more often services or it could be that they might need a bespoke service.

Could we beg a favour and ask you to ask them and email us here with any information.  We are meeting on 27th April at 12:00 so it is a bit urgent.

Many thanks in advance.


Just in case you missed the original post that gave all the details …

Utkinton and Cotebrook Community Transport – new timetables and schedules.

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CWaC Site for reporting road issues

This site is where anyone, Councillors, Residents, Traders can report issues to do with the streets and roads around our Parish.

Its very easy to use.

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Update on Community Transport

Having signed the Petition that our MP, Antoinette Sandbach, raised for residents who oppose the changes, I received this note from Antoinette.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.54.35

To ‘square the circle’ the Parish Council has arranged a discussion that will include:

  • CWaC Transport Commissioning
  • Antoinette Sandbach MP
  • Eveleigh Moore-Dutton (Tarporley Ward  Councillor)
  • Representatives from:
  • Eaton & Rushton PC
  • Little Budworth PC
  • Tarporley PC
  • Utkinton and Cotebrook PC

We will circulate a note of the possible outcomes.

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Can you help us get to our target …

… of reaching our target of £2,500 for the preservation and restoration of the Utkinton War Memorial.

We’ve just let the contract for the preservation work and that, together with a general sprucing up of the area will give us a focal point worthy of the pain and suffering of the 8 good men who are commemorated on the stone.

Alongside the preservation of the stone itself we will be laying some new stones around the area, cleaning the two benches and providing stone planters to replace the plastic ones that Kath Dahill so lovingly tends year on year.

So far fourteen local families have contributed along with Tarporley Rotary Club and we’d love to be able to feature your names as well.

Its easy to donate – simply write to our Parish Clerk: Anita Langford, 7, The Crescent, Utkinton, Tarporley CW6 0LT or email her at or if you prefer, call on 07814 089666.  Or talk to any of the Parish Council.  Cheques are welcome and we can give you the details to transfer it straight into our bank.

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United Utilities Update

Many of you will have received this online message, or possibly a phone message, but just in case …

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 21.06.49

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Nous avons pas d’eau

Hope that caught your attention.  Roger Barnes (Shop ‘n Wash) has just reported that there are a number of burst mains in and around the Alvanley Arms in Cotebrook – this is a follow up to the bursts during the week – hence we are very short of water in our Parish (and probably beyond).

United Utilities say that a team is on its way, but for now … bath with a friend!

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Utkinton WI – meeting last night

It ought to have felt strange being one of three men in a room full of women (and one of those was the speaker) but it didn’t. Thank you Utkinton WI for making us so welcome.

Last night we went as guests to hear John Cartlidge present an entertaining, informative and humorous talk on ‘The real heir hunters’ and what his role entails. John covered so much ground – literally and metaphorically – telling a rapt audience why they should do their wills, how to go about it and then illustrating the point with half a dozen, or so, stories of what happens when things go right and wrong.  Made us think.  Now where is the nearest solicitors office …

An huge thank you to the ladies of the WI who put on a lovely spread of cakes and cuppas, followed by a raffle which, I am ashamed to say, my wife and I won.

If you get a chance to go, please do, these are some of the nicest and most welcoming people in town (or should I say hamlet!) their programme of events can be seen on our front page. And, if you feel like joining in, please get in touch with Liz Hannath (01829 733778‬) or Margaret Bowers (01829 732349‬) you’ll be glad you did.

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Help required (with trailer)

The Parish Council has been gifted several tons of bark chipping to be used in a new community project to be revealed soon.
Councillor Jason Hughes is leading the project and is in need of a flat-bed transit style vehicle or a large flat bed trailer and towing vehicle, to pick up the chippings from an area by Delamere Forest and then to be transported to Quarry Wood, Tirley Lane, Utkinton.
This project will benefit all of our community and in particular the children of our parish so please help if you can.
If you are able to help please email him or call on 07384 437565
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Low Water Pressure – CW6 (10/4/2018)

One of our residents has reported low water pressure and received this from United Utilities website:

United Utilities 20180410

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Parish Council 10th April – Utkinton

Good morning all,

We are having a presentation by Jonathan Heselwood of the outline results for the ‘CCA Housing Needs Survey’ plus a number of other, we believe, interesting topics.  The meeting is at Utkinton Village Hall from 7:30 all are welcome.  We would love to hear from you.

Here is the Agenda:


 A G E N D A

In accordance with the Council Standing Orders, prior to commencing the formal business of the meeting the Chairman will invite any member of the public present to raise questions and/or seek clarification in relation to relevant matters pertaining to the Council. (Time allocated – 15 minutes).


10.04.01                        APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE

10.04.02                        DECLARATIONS OF PECUNIARY INTERESTS 

10.04.03                        CCA PRESENTATION OF 2018 HOUSING NEEDS SURVEY

10.04.04                       MINUTES OF THE ORDINARY MEETING HELD ON 13th March 2018

10.04.05                        MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES

 10.04.06                        BOROUGH COUNCILLOR’S REPORT

Councillor E Moore Dutton to report on Cheshire West matters of interest.

10.04.07                        PLANNING APPLICATIONS

  1. a) Ref 17/03456/OUT Haulage Yard Tarporley Road (Proposed Erection of detached dwelling (resubmission 17/00790/OUT) – Awaiting decision
  2. b) Ref 17/04440/OUT key farm workers dwelling (permanent) – (no objections but some strong concerns were submitted in November) Cllr R Barnes had concerns that the cottage may be large.

Action: Cllr E Moore Dutton agreed to enquire about the reason for the application being sited where it is. Withdrawn 26.3.18

  1. c) Ref 18/00338/TPO High Gables Overhanging trees require cutting back – Awaiting decision
  2. d) Ref 18/00640/FUL Utkinton School installation of 3 new windows – Awaiting decision
  3. e) Ref 18/00732/FUL Rose Farm change of use from agricultural buildings to storage units – Awaiting decision
  4. f) Ref 18/00944/REM Land adjacent to Rowley Farm approval of reserved matter from planning application 16/05501/OUT – Awaiting decision


10.04.08                        FINANCE MATTERS

  1. a) To agree accounts for payment (details to follow in correspondence summary)
  2. b) Finance working group report
  3. c) To agree revised Risk Assessment
  4. d) To receive and accept the fourth quarter financial update
  5. e) To receive and accept the 2017/18 Accounts
  6. f) To receive and accept the 2017/18 Audit
  7. g) To agree the Annual Governance Statement


10.04.09                        INTERNET BANKING

To receive an update from either Cllr Harvey or Cllr Hughes


10.04.10                        HIGHWAYS MATTERS

  1. a) Review requests to Highways


10.04.11                        REPORTS FROM WORKING GROUPS3

  1. a) Quarry and Greens including Quarry Wood on Tirley Lane
  2. b) Plans for a grant-aided ‘Forest School’ in the Quarry Wood
  3. c) War Memorial and Shrine (including Silent Soldier)



10.04.12                        WEBSITE/COMMUNICATION/NEWSLETTER

To receive a report from Cllr Tunney.



To receive an update from Cllr Priestner and NDP Steering Group


10.04.14            CORRESPONDENCE

  1. a) Clerk to report to date (details to follow in summary)


10.04.15            OTHER BUSINESS


10.04.16                        DATE OF NEXT MEETING

The next meeting of Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 8th May at 7.30pm at Cotebrook Village Hall.

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