CWaC Planning Applications

On this page we will post application references (full and Outline) for properties within the Parish. Also you can use this link to search for planning applications – just put in the street and house number in the search cell and it should come up.

As an aid to the locations where development might be allowed, we are also adding three graphics that show :

  • the existing Village Settlement Boundary for Utkinton
  • The Village Settlement Boundary for Cotebrook
  • The Current Parish – following the recent CWaC Local Governance Review (October 2015)
UTKINTON and Cotebrook parish map

Parish Boundaries following the CWaC Governance Review in 2015

Utkinton Settlement Biundary (c.2006 - Vale Royal)

Utkinton Village Settlement Boundary – c.2006 (Vale Royal Local Plan)

Cotebrook settlement Boundary (c.2006 Vale Royal)

Cotebrook Village Settlement Boundary – c.2006 (Vale Royal Local Plan)

It is always worth checking with the Local Authority (CWaC) and the Parish Council before you submit plans.

If you wish to look at any application in detail then you should go to the CWaC Planning Pages and insert the Application reference.

Recent Planning Applications: New Applications added as they are received

  • Planning Application 16/01320/FUL – Holly Tree Cottage, John Street
  • Planning Consultation 16/01329/FUL – Arderne Cottage
  • Planning Consultation 16/01492/OUT – Land South Of Northgate (Marcol Homes)

  • Planning Consultation 16/00784/FUL – Land Adjacent To Spring Cottage
  • Planning Consultation 16/00611/OUT – Land At Northgate
  • Planning Consultation 16/00248/OUT – Land At Quarry Bank Cottages
  • Planning Notification 15/05189/OUT – Haulage Yard (Cotebrook)

  • Planning Consultation 15/04771/FUL – Fox And Barrel

  • Planning Consultation 15/04587/FUL – Land Adjacent To Spring Cottage

  • Planning Notification 15/03820/FUL – The Bungalow

  • Planning Notification 15/02798/FUL – The Old Parsonage

  • Planning Notification 15/04270/FUL – 6 Woodlands Close