The Parish Council has been aware for sometime of the concerns of residents about speeding and parking within the two villages and has held discussions with CWAC Highways and Cheshire Constabulary on many occasions.  However, we are governed by national regulations vis-a-vis speed limits and the costs to change or reclassify roads are quite large.  All we would ask is that residents are vigilant and where they see an incident (whether speeding or reckless driving) to try and obtain the vehicle registration number and report it to the local police or to the Parish Council via our contact / feedback form.

In terms of parking, particularly around the school in Utkinton we have had a measure of success together with the school in changing the attitudes of parents and visitors about where and how they park.  We were loathe to enforce parking by ‘lining’ and to their credit most parents park responsibly.  If, however, you come across a vehicle that parks irresponsibly as a ‘rule’ then please let us know and we will see if we can contact that parent via the school.

We are also proposing to install two road safety signs in Utkinton an Cotebrook. The first, a speed warning sign above the school in Utkinton on Quarry Bank – it is hoped to achieve this during 2016. The second is a flashing speed sign on the southbound   A49 just above the ‘Fox and Barrel’, this planned for 2017. Both will require significant funding and will deplete our reserves.

Cheshire Police issued this leaflet some time ago to promote safer driving throughout the county:

Road Safety leaflet front

Road Safety Leaflet Published by Cheshire Police: To see in full please click HERE