VE Day 8th May 2020

A friend sent me this earlier and I thought, in the circumstances it was worth posting.  It is doubtful that the ‘lockdown’ will be lifted by then, so why not consider having your own small gathering?

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Connecting the dots …


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Click on this link to download a PDF copy: Connecting The Dots


April 2020

We would like to thank all of those residents who responded by the deadline – and those whose completed questionnaires arrived after we had written the report – they will be included at some stage – we are pleased to provide an online version of the recently completed Community Bus Survey that showed the following Headline Results:

  • 20.6% of households responded
  • 80% of households who responded would use a Community Bus that linked the six villages across the ward
  • the most ‘popular’ frequency (45%) of use was weekly
  • respondents (56%) believed that a £2.00 single / £4.00 return charge was most appropriate (provided that existing concessions could apply)
  • The most ‘popular’ (top-3) destinations (by village in descending order) were:
    • Cotebrook –            Tarporley, Delamere Station & Abbey Arms (for DG82)
    • Eaton –                     Tarporley, Abbey Arms & Delamere Station
    • Little Budworth – Tarporley, Delamere Station & Abbey Arms
    • Rushton –                Tarporley, Delamere Station & Abbey Arms
    • Tarporley –             Delamere Station, Abbey Arms & Utkinton
    • Utkinton –               Tarporley, Delamere Station & Abbey Arms
  • There was a small (5%) need for special or wheelchair access (this will not be ignored)
  • The most popular travel time slot was 09:00 – 12:00 with over 75% choosing this
  • The top 3 uses were; shopping, leisure and visiting health service
  • If a Community Bus service was not introduced 88% would continue to use private cars
  • 92% of respondents wouldn’t use the existing Community Transport (CT) provision

Statistics are all well and good, but we believe that a ‘round table’ discussion/seminar would enable all the interested parties to put forward views as to the future direction of any potential solution.  Once we have ‘clear water’ ahead of us and are out of the immediate Lockdown restrictions we will be sorting some dates that we hope, might be reasonable for all and hope you will be able to attend.

In the meantime, if you have any burning questions please get in touch and we will do our very best to respond with answers.  The report can be downloaded from your Community website.

Thanks for your attention and support.

Kind regards

Eveleigh Moore Dutton ( )

Frank Tunney ( or )

To download and read the report – click on the link below:

Connecting The Dots

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In the ‘Buddy’ spirit …

… we have been asked a question:

Have tried three sources with regard to the collection and delivery of Sunday newspapers – all have been unsuccessful!

So, is there a willing volunteer who could collect and deliver Sunday newspapers from Tarporley? We are sure that there are those who would pay for delivery. If the papers can be collected from Tarporley, are there any enterprising young teenager or two with a bike who would  oblige?

If so please contactus on with the Subject ‘Sunday Papers’ and we will try to organise.


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Bob Kaye – RIP

If you hadn’t heard, Bob Kay (our former neighbour) passed away on Saturday 4th April.

Paul Murray sent this; “I spoke to Jean who confirmed he died peacefully, and holding on to a letter that Jean had written to him which gave her great comfort. Bob was a lovely man with an infectious smile, and a wonderful neighbour to Karen & I for over 20 years.”

I, your editor, first met Bob in 1989, just before we moved to the village – he was an architect and was engaged on a couple of projects for my, then, company – Harris Distribution.  Bob was one of those people who you don’t forget – kind, softly spoken and unassuming, he was the epitome of a gentleman.  He will be missed by all who knew him.

Our thoughts go to Jean and his family – RIP Bob.

Bob’s funeral will be a family only affair on St George’s day, with a maximum of 10 people allowed to attend. Jean is in remarkably good spirits but will obviously be going through a wide range of emotions, including relief and great sadness.  We offer our profound condolences.

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Being creative in the lockdown.

One of our residents – Kath Dahill – was prompted to write suggesting that there are a couple of ways we could come together as a community, without being together and this was echoed by Eveleigh Moore Dutton in her thoughts about growing sunflowers.

So let me plant the seed of a thought – Kath has some plant pots she would donate and also a box full of fabric offcuts and remnants that the youngsters of our two villages might be able to turn into some creative artwork.  These can be collected from her house (no physical contact would be required) by families, or, if you would prefer, give her a call on 01829 733701 to arrange a pickup.  ‘Kath added; ‘if people were to display their sunflowers at the front of their houses in pots or gardens , it might bring a little sunshine into all our lives while in Lockdown. Also, anyone can collect plant pots from our driveway as they go past, but if they want fabric, I will need to know beforehand as I cannot leave it on the doorstep in case it rains.”

On the second strand, Eveleigh is in touch with Tarporley Garden Centre who are able to deliver sunflower seeds, compost and pots – perhaps to a central point (not sure where but we have two village halls and Rose Farm)

Watch out here for more news.

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Are cycling clubs flouting the law?

It is fairly obvious that the vast majority of people are observing the ‘lockdown’ rules and we applaud their actions.  However I received this fairly irate mail from a Parish Resident earlier today;

Frank, with your chairman’s hat on can you ask Eveleigh Moore Dutton what is the rule with these bl**dy cyclists. Half hour walk this morning 0830 group of ten one way, ten min later 20 plus through the village, all geared in lycra, one jersey said ‘Manchester Wheelers’.

Whilst I accept that everyone has a right to exercise, this looks like a deliberate flouting of the law in disregard of the circumstances.  The rule is the same for everybody.

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Covid-19: Cheshire health and care update

Covid-19: Cheshire health and care update

Please click onto attached link to see the latest Health and care update for Cheshire

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Surface Dressing revised dates

Good afternoon

Please see revised programme dates for the Surface Dressing prep works.

Please note that ‘A’ Roads will be now carried out on day closures with no restrictions.

Task   Name             Duration      Start                      Finish
Tirley Lane              1 day             Wed 15/04/20      Wed 15/04/20
Waste Lane             2 days            Thu 16/04/20       Fri 17/04/20
A54 Oakmere Rd    1 day              Mon 27/04/20     Mon 27/04/20
A54 Chester Rd       2 days            Tue 28/04/20       Wed 29/04/20

Kind regards

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A personal message

We live in uncertain times and they are getting more so.  So, when an old friend sends you a link to a YouTube video that was ‘uplifting’ I simply wanted to share it.

Beware, though, its a rock song from the pantheon of ‘Queen’ and it may not be to your taste.  For me it was/is a joyous interlude in a time of darkness.  Apart from being my kind of music, it represents an ‘anthem’ for our times (and yes, ‘Anthem’ is so much overused and abused’).  I hope tit plays – just ignore the ads.

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Some changes to Bus Services across Cheshire

Just found on ‘ Cheshire Live’

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