Rose Farm Shop

Written by Frank Tunney (his views)

… following the news that RFS id having to put restrictions on the numbers of shoppers at any one time …

The current outbreak of a panicademic has cause many large retail outlets and food shops to become denuded of stock due to ‘panic buying’ but Rose Farm Shop is a bit of a beacon of sense in a time of stress.

We have lived in the village for 30 and a bit years and in all that time the village shop has been part of our lives – first when it was run by Tony and Aileen Booth on the corner of Quarry Bank and John Street, opposite the Old Methodist Chapel and later when the new shop was built on its present site. It was a combination of the old shop and post office and the Johnson’s family butchers on Upper Northgate.

Back then life was much simpler and, when these two, long established businesses move onto the current site it was much smaller, but a bit of a ‘revolution, in village life.

Now it’s a bit like a mini-retail and commercial empire combining farming, grocers, post office, café, gift shop, florists/garden centre, Camper van sales, a car-wash and valet service, yoga, digital marketing electricians, furniture restoration, ‘high end’ pottery and soon (once the current difficulties are over) a gym and health centre. Not to mention the donkeys and other animals that delight young and old alike.

On the shop’s Facebook Page someone remarked as to the strictures being put in place but, to be honest, its because of Rose Farm Shop’s popularity that they are necessary,  It is the antithesis of the large multiple – great staff who care about what they do and know most of their customers and a wide range of stock, easy to park (well most days it is) it is what a village shop should be.

I wanted to recognise, as does the Parish Council, the part that this group of small business plays in local employment and acting as a focal point in the village and parish life – long may it continue to do so.

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Good morning everyone in Cotebrook and Utkinton.

We hope you are all well and intend to stay that way.  Your Parish Council is attempting to pull together a ‘Buddy’ list whereby someone will call you every one or two days, simply to check you are OK.

In order to do so we need to have your Contact Numbers (home phone, mobile and if you have one an email address) – these will only be used by the volunteers (the ‘Buddies’ to contact you and WILL NOT be released elsewhere.

So, if you fall into one of the categories outlined by H M Government:

Elderly (over 70), Vulnerable due to health or mobility, Housebound or simply unable to get out.

Please email our Chair (Francis Tunney) on (just click on the link) or call him on 07860 917446 to give us your contact details.


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Utkinton and Cotebrook Buddies


Further to the latest Government guidelines related to ‘self-isolation’ and the Corona Virus (COVI-19), your Parish Council want to ensure that you have the opportunity to get help from other members of the community.  Utkinton WI and both of our village hall committees have added their support to this scheme.

There are volunteers who are prepared to offer help where necessary and we intend to try and pair up those in need with those prepared to help. Rose Farm Shop and others would offer assistance – maybe to deliver food (details will be sent out).

 How would it work ?:

  1. What help would you like if we can organise it?:
    1. A regular phone call to you (3 or 4 calls a week) to see how you are, have a chat and find out if there is anything you need.
    2. Medication collection either prescription or normal medical supplies
    3. Food / Supplies: collection from shop.
    4. Simple repairs like changing a light bulb. (special cases only by other volunteers)

 Unfortunately we cannot ask the regular volunteers to enter your house.

  1. What help could you offer?:
    1. Do you feel that you could provide some or all of the above support activities?
    2. If you feel that you can help, please contact our Chair (details below) and he will arrange for a councillor to get in touch

Frank Tunney on 07860 917446 email

There is also an organisation, based in Northwich called ‘Snow Angels’ who can offer help on a wider basis.  Their Contact details are

Phone:  Cathy Boyd – 0300 666 6226


Address: Greenbank Community Hub, 22 Greenbank Lane, Greenbank, Northwich CW8 1JQ


Please note that until further notice

 Activities at both Cotebrook and Utkinton Village Halls will be postponed.

We wish you well.

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Friday night is ‘Pie Night’

We have been asked to post this:

Join the Coffeehouserosefarm for their very first Late Night, Pie Night! 🥧

Friday 13th March at 6.30pm!

They will be serving homemade Steak Pie & vegetarian Cheese and Onion Pie. Both will be served with hand cut chips, peas and gravy. £9.50pp 👌🏼

Booking is absolutely essential so please call 01829 733114 to reserve your place.

We look forward to seeing you! 😀

Sounds and looks delicious;

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 07.50.30

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VE Day Commemorations

The Parish Council held an ‘open’ meeting prior to its Parish Council Meeting on 10th March – the aim to find what residents wished to do in terms of commemorating VE Day on Friday 8th May.  There were two residents in attendance and the general feeling was that Utkinton should not host a VE Day Commemoration.  Whilst regrettable we are faced with the reality that it would not be a success.

However, Tarporley Parish Council is, we believe, planning to hold a street party on VE Day and the Parish Council will try to obtain details so that residents of our Parish can attend if they so wish.


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Tarporley Community Bus Service Online Survey

To all residents of Cotebrook and Utkinton,
Tarporley Ward Transport Survey

Over the next week or so, you will receive a large envelope containing some survey forms and a FREE reply paid return envelope.  The survey is being undertaken by the four Parish Councils that comprise Tarporley Ward and its results will inform the Ward about YOUR preferences related to a Community Bus service.

Paper copies are being distributed to all of the 2,400+ households in the Ward but we recognise that some residents may wish to complete this online – so here is a link for the survey, which is being conducted using ‘Googledocs’


Tarporley Community Bus Service Survey

Your responses, whether on paper or online will inform the decisions about bus services right across and round our Parishes.  Initially, we propose a range of services that would, initially, run between 07:00 and 19:00 Monday to Friday incorporating the best elements of the existing ‘dial-a-ride’ services and operate as fully timetabled routes providing connections to, from and with Tarporley, the Arriva 84, D&G 82 services and Northern Rail at Delamere station. It is also hoped to include Winsford, Tiverton and other pick up/drop off points.

If you would wish to add anything in terms of the services, their range or frequency of operation – please do so by emailing

Much will depend on your responses to the survey and the exact routes and timetables will be determined by your needs.

These routes are likely to be chargeable services but only to the extent of recovering costs, where possible we would seek to honour existing concession and bus pass schemes. It should be noted that services such as these would connect the Parishes to the Tarporley Hub and vice versa to offer wider connections.

The survey is supported by CWaC Ward Councillor Eveleigh Moore-Dutton from the ‘Members’ Budget’, and she fully recognises the need for social inclusion and connectivity to ensure that all sectors of our population are able to have access to all the services within and without our Ward.

Please note we are not asking for any personal information that could identify any respondents.  Your responses will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and fall under the UK and Parishes GDPR commitments.

It would be appreciated if you could provide some idea of your location, at the very least we would like to have a street and postcode to enable us to position survey respondents in terms of the Ward.


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Help required – Utkinton Village Hall

With the possible onset of the Tennis season, the Village Hall Committee are asking for help to clean the court of moss, it has been treated but they would like to ask if anyone has a power washer they could loan for a weekend.  Needs to be quite powerful and have sufficient cable and hose to reach around 30 m.

If you can help, or are prepared to undertake this, please get in touch with either Kath Dahill (on ‭01829 733701 /‬ or Frank Tunney (on 07860 917446 /

Many Thanks in advance

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Parking at the Village Hall – Utkinton

Some of you may have spotted some work going on at the Village Hall to remove the large and elderly rhododendrons and create some extra space – this is offered by potential hirers as a reason not to use the hall.

However, the UVHMC (Management Committee) are concerned that the car park is being used, occasionally, as a (well) public car park and it is private land so please don’t do so – it is small enough as it is.


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Volunteers wanted


We are in the throes of collating around 2,500 surveys (Tarporley Bus Survey) and would love some help collating these prior to delivery.

The job entails collating a form (2 sheets), a blank sheet and an envelope all going into a large envelope. I have timed it and each collation takes less than a minute.

If you can help, pm me here or email me at and I will deliver all the components to you next week.

THANK YOU for reading and, hopefully responding.

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Notification of Planning Approval-20/00023/FUL

See attached Planning approval notification for Ridgehill Cottage, Utkinton Single Story Rear Extension


Ridgehill Cottage 20-00023-FUL Approval

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