CWaC gritting information

Councillor Moore-Dutton posted this on her Facebook feed and I thought it worthy of posting on ours as well as here.  The link to CWaC’s page that shows the routes they will grit in advance of a ‘Beast from the East’ (or any other direction) is here GRITTING INFORMATION .

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Road Closure – John Street, Utkinton1st February

We have been advised by Cheshire West & Chester Council that John Street will be closed on Friday 1st February to allow Open Reach to work safely.

The TRO will be in place for a maximum of 5 days but it expected to last one day.

Please click on the attached TRO for details of this closure and the rather long diversion route.

TRO 2246 John St, Utkinton

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A message about bus services

Earlier today. I received this text message from one of our younger residents – it speaks volumes and you can see a transcript below.  It was followed by a longer conversation about the CWaC/Tarporley Ward Community Transport Survey and also the Utkinton and Cotebrook Neighbourhood Plan.  The texter’s details are withheld by agreement.

“Message received Monday 14th January 2018

Hi, I live in Utkinton, I’m messaging you regarding a public bus going through Utkinton which we could get to places even if it was simply just to Tarporley, on weekends me and a couple other young citizens would like this , it would improve Utkinton social aspects and may gain profits for the future.

 Francis Tunney:

Hello, many thanks for this message. I am afraid that the provision for public transport through Utkinton or Cotebrook is nil at the weekend. Even during the week we have to rely on the community transport that runs between 09:30 and 14:30 Monday to Friday. This method requires you to subscribe to one of these services and then you can only travel by booking 24 hours in advance.

So, I am sorry to say that it is not possible.”


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Prof. Phil Redmond on Culture

Read a very interesting piece in the ‘Guardian’ this morning about the process for choosing ‘City of Culture’ and how the ‘contest’ may be about to expand.  Written by our very own benefactor – Professor Phil Redmond.

You can find it here Yes to culture … Phil Redmond

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Public Health Message

Please see the attached which we have received from Cheshire West & Chester Council re Public Health.

PH Key messages – Stay Well This Winter

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Kelsall Medical Centre Hub

Please see the attached which was received re the above.

Kelsall Medical Centre Dec Update

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‘Mysterious’ Posts on Quarry Bank, Tirley Lane and Northgate

I was asked a question as to what they were for – and the assumption is that they are the posts for the 20 mph zone that was proposed by CWaC in the ‘consultation’

The schematic Below shows the proposed zone, it isn’t to scale, and the Tirley Lane portion goes up to the current 30mph / Deregulated signs.

Proposed 20mph Zone

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Update on leak in Tirley Lane

We received this earlier;

Dear All

Please find attached link to a temporary road closure notice for TRO 2237 Tirley Lane which commences on 21st December 2018  This is necessary for safety reasons to enable repairs to leaking water main and will be carried out by United Utilities The works are expected to last for 8 days

Should you require any further information regarding this closure, please contact  0300 123 7036.


Technical Support Team

Winsford & Northwich Highways Office

Tel: 0300 123 7036



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Courier issue 9 Online

The latest (Winter 2018) ‘Courier’ is available to view online The Courier Issue 9 Draft Layout 003  Just click on the link and it will open as a PDF file.

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Tirley Lane maybe closed at Heaths Lane

We were notified, yesterday, by United Utilities of a possible water leak at the junction of Tirley Lane and Heaths Lane.  A ‘Closed sign’ has been erected by the school so please avoid the area for now.

If we get any further info we will post it.


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