Parking Survey in Woodlands Close

The Survey Letter delivered to residents of Woodlands Close, Cotebrook on or around 29 August 2014, followed by a synopsis of the results.


Friday 29 August 2014

The Residents

Woodlands Close,



Dear Residents

Ref: Parking Survey, Woodlands Close, Cotebrook

Utkinton Parish Council has been asked to review the arrangements for parking in, on and around Woodlands Close, Cotebrook and this brief questionnaire aims to understand the needs and desires of residents of the Close. The Highways Department of Cheshire West and Chester Council have looked at what can be done and had a number of visits to the Close, they have passed the final decision to us as the Parish Council.

Therefore, we would be grateful if you could complete the survey below and post it back in the envelope provided before Friday 5th September in order that we can discuss at the next meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 9th September.

The survey is completely anonymous and confidential.

Frank Tunney

Councillor, Utkinton Parish Council

  1. Are you a resident of Woodlands Close, Cotebrook? Yes      No
  2. How many vehicles are kept at the premises (please indicate number of vehicles)
  3. Are they parked on your own property (drive or garage) Yes      No
  4. How often do you park on the road adjacent to your property (please indicate number of vehicles)
  5. There has been some discussion about placing parking restrictions around the close to prevent ‘indiscriminate’ parking. Do you:
  • Support this                         Yes    No
  • Would you support double yellow lines             Yes    No
  • In your opinion is parking a problem in Woodlands Close? Yes No

Following analysis of the results of the survey, the responses below were seen as representative of the view of the residents.

Ten of the residents replied (82.5%)
The average car/vehcile numbers is 1.8 per household
90% say they are parked on their property
Only 1 admitted to parking on the road
80% would not support parking restrictions
80% would not support Yellow Lines
Half believed that there were potential parking problems in Woodlands Close