Parish Council Meetings & Agenda

The Parish Council normally meets on the second Tuesday of each month alternating between Utkinton and Cotebrook Village Halls.  Each meeting will commence at 19:30 (PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO ONLINE CALENDARS ALL MEETINGS FROM MARCH 2017 BEGIN ONE HOUR LATER THAN SHOWN – OUR APOLOGIES – normal start times are 7:30 pm apart from May when it is 7:00 pm) and the first 15 minutes are reserved to allow members of the public who wish to raise issues to speak.  After that the PC Meeting is for items on the agenda that may include:

  • Planning Applications received and outcomes
  • Highways matters
  • Items relating to Cheshire West and Chester (CWAC)
  • Reports from the various working groups
  • Reports on the condition of quarries and greens in the Parish
  • Finance and budgets
  • Correspondence received
  • Publicity and website matters
  • Councillors Updates (previously known as Any Other Business)

2018 Parish Council Meeting Schedule

  • 8th May 2018 – Utkinton Village Hall (incl APM and AGM)
  • 12th June 2018 – Utkinton Village Hall
  • 10th July 2018 – Cotebrook Village Hall
  • 11th September 2018 – Utkinton Village Hall
  • 9th October 2018 – Cotebrook Village Hall
  • 13th November 2018 – Utkinton Village Hall
  • 11th December 2018 – Cotebrook Village Hall

2018 Parish Council Agenda and Minutes

(Please note these documents may change before a meeting)

201812 UCPC Agenda of 11th December 2018

Please note that the Parish Council meeting on 11th December is starting at 7pm at Cotebrook Village Hall. We will be in the new extension at the front of the building.

201811 UCPC Minutes of 13th November 2018 DRAFT

Shrine donations & expenditure to 7.11.18

2018111 UCPC Correspondence of 13th November 2018

201811 Agenda of 13th November 2018

201810 UCPC Correspondence of 9th October 2018

201810 UCPC Minutes of 9th October 2018 DRAFT

201810 UCPC Agenda of 9th October 2018 FINAL

201809 UCPC Correspondence of 11th September 2018

201809 UCPC Minutes of 11th September 2018 DRAFT

201809 UCPC Agenda of 11th September 2018 FINAL

2018 UCPC Correspondence of 10th July 2018

201807 UCPC Minutes of 10th July DRAFT

201807 UCPC Agenda of 10th July 2018 FINAL

201806 UCPC Minutes of 12th June 2018 FINAL

201806 UCPC Correspondence of 12th June 2018

201806 UCPC Agenda of 12th JUNE 2018 FINAL

201805 UCPC Minutes of 8th May 2018 FINAL

210805 Clerks Report for 8th May 2018 Parish Council meeting

201805 UCPC Minutes Annual General Meeting of 8th May 2018 FINAL

Chairmans report for Annual General Meeting of 8th May 2018

201805 UCPC Annual Parish Meeting minutes of 8th May 2018 FINAL

201805 UCPC Correspondence of 8th May 2018 FINAL

210805 UCPC Annual Parish Council Agenda of 8th May 2018 FINAL

201805 UCPC Annual General Meeting of 8th May 2018 Agenda FINAL

201805 UCPC Agenda of 8th May 2018 FINAL

201804 UCPC Agenda of 10th April 2018 FINAL

201804 UCPC Minutes of 10th April 2018 FINAL

201803 UCPC Minutes of 13th March FINAL

210804 UCPC Correspondence of 10th April 2018 FINAL

Parish Council Minute Books by financial year for all Meetings between April 2006 and March 2018

Each Minute Book contains:

  • Agenda
  • Minutes
  • Correspondence and Accounts
  • Reports by Chair

Click on the links below to download Annual Minute Books by year in PDF Format

UCPC Minute Book 2017-2018

UCPC Minute Book 2016-2017

UCPC Minute Book 2015-2016

UPC Minute Book 2014-2015

UPC Minute Book 2013-2014

UPC Minute Book 2012-2013

UPC Minute Book 2011-2012

UPC Minute Book 2010-2011

UPC Minute Book 2009-2010

UPC Minute Book 2008-2009

UPC Minute Book 2007-2008

UPC Minute Book 2006-2007