Parish Council Financial Statements

Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council is committed to being transparent and each year we will add certain information to the website. After the end of the financial year, we put on:

1.    all items of expenditure over £100 (attached)

2.    end of year accounts (attached)

3.    annual governance statement (attached)

4.    internal audit report (attached)

5.    list of councillor responsibilities (attached)

6.    details of public land and building assets (attached)

For the Financial Year 2016/2017:

Notice of Exercise of Electors Rights 2016-2017

Summary of Electors Rights 2016-2017

Notice of Electors rights 2017 – PDF format

Expenditure of £100 or more 2016-2017

For the Financial Year 2015/2016:

Annual Governance Statement 2015-2016 (unaudited)

Annual Accounting Statements 2015-2016 (unaudited)

Notice of Exercise of Electors Rights 2015-2016

Summary of Electors Rights 2015-2016

Expenditure of £100 or more 2015-2016

For the Financial Year 2016/2017:

Notice of conclusion of Audit

Section 1 to 3 of the Annual Return

Issues arising from the audit

Building and Land Register 2016-2017

Member Responsibilities 2016-2017

For the Financial Year 2017/2018:

Expenditure of £100 2017-2018
Internal Audit - Summary of Accounts 2017-18
UCPC Annual Governance & Accountability Return 17-18 Sections 1 & 2
UCPC 17-18 Certificate for Exercise of Public Rights
UCPC Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2017-18
UCPC Internal Audit Report 17-18
More documents to be added after year end audit

For the Financial Year 2018/2019:

UCPC Budget for 2018-19