Housing Needs Survey – 2016 Update

Download housing-needs-a4 Click on this link to Download the Housing Needs Survey form – Once complete please email to ftunney@me.com

Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council

c/o Long Meadow, Tirley Lane




1st June 2016


Dear Householder,

Housing Needs Survey Update

 The Parish Council has become very aware of the desire by developers to look at just about any parcel of land that becomes available – two notable examples are the ‘Old School’ in Cotebrook and the field south of Northgate in Utkinton.

In order to ensure that whatever applications come forward fit within the overall parameters set out in the Parish Plan, we are seeking to update the ‘Housing Needs Survey’ that was done as a part of the Parish Plan in 2012/2013 so that it reflects the needs of current residents and also those who are relatives of householders and who have had to move to get affordable housing.

  • The Parish Council wishes to make it clear that it is not against development so long as it fits within the broad characteristics as described by a large proportion of the Parish set out in the Parish Plan.
  • We are not against building of single properties, so long as they fall inside the Village Settlement Boundary and even then are prepared to look at each and every application on its own merits.
  • Neither is the Parish Council against redevelopment, refurbishment, extension or renovation so long as it falls within the broad remit of the Parish Plan.

We would be grateful if you could complete the attached survey form and will either collect them or provide drop off points in a number of local shops and businesses. If you prefer to complete it online then a word document will be posted on the website here https://utkintonandcotebrook.com/the-parish-plan-2013/, when complete please email it back to Ftunney@me.com

The Parish Council wishes to make it clear that any personal or financial information provided in the survey will be treated in the utmost confidence and not passed to any third party, we may, however, aggregate some of the data to enable us to put a case forward.

Thank you in advance

Francis Tunney

Chair – Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council

On behalf of the Parish Council

07860 917446