Utkinton War Memorial Supporters – Fund to date £1,435

This list is not posted in any order, it shows those residents and organisations in the Parish (and further afield) who have contributed to the preservation of this important local monument.

As more chose to donate we will publish the names and the total subscribed thus far:

Subscriptions to date: £1435.00


  • Mr & Mrs G Betteley
  • Mrs Margaret Bowers
  • Mr & Mrs R Dawson
  • Mrs D V Edwards
  • Mr R J (Bob) & Mrs B Higgin (Donation of two plant troughs)
  • (The) Holroyd Foundation
  • Mr J Johnson
  • Mr & Mrs J Johnson and Family
  • Mr S Johnson
  • Mr & Mrs R Kay
  • Mr & Mrs S Langford
  • Mr & Mrs K Metcalfe
  • Mr & Mrs P Murray
  • N Parker and Miss L Boyle
  • Mr I Priestner (Donated the ‘Silent Soldier’)
  • Mr & Mrs Rischmiller
  • Mr D Roberts
  • Tarporley Rotary Club
  • Ms S Sinclair
  • Mr G W B Stewart
  • Mrs A Symes
  • Mr & Mrs F & J Tunney
  • Mr & Mrs I & L Wright

How Can you subscribe?

Its quite simple – send a cheque, made payable to ‘Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council’ to:

The Parish Clerk, c/o 7 The Crescent, Utkinton CW6 0LS, please mark it ‘Utkinton WM’

or: you can pay by BACS – simply email the Clerk at utkintonandcotebrookclerk@gmail.com and she will send you a link and instructions.