Utkinton War Memorial

This page has been created to provide as much information as is possible about the War Memorial located at the junction of John Street and Quarry Bank in Utkinton.

It is proposed that we try to preserve, rather than replace the stone and the Parish Council are currently looking at two contractors who, it is believed are capable of completing the work before the centenary of its original dedication.  The anticipated cost will be in the region of £4,200, which should include the area around the memorial, and we are hoping to raise the majority of that through public subscription.

  • First there will be a description of the dedication
  • Next a page with any news about commemorations in Utkinton, the Parish and our Ward, Tarporley, with dates telling you what, where and when.
  • Then a page with the details of the men who fell in WW1 and who are remembered there, as well as one soul who fell in WW2.
  • Then a page dedicated to the residents and organisations in Utkinton and Cotebrook (and elsewhere) who have kindly donated to the preservation of the memorial.
  • Finally a page where you will have details and a link, to how you can donate to the fund – no matter how much, it will all count towards us having this magnificent memorial preserved for future generations.

The Memorial was first put in place and dedicated by Rector of Tarporley, Rev.  Hughes on 1st September 1918, so this year sees its centenary as well as that of the cessation of hostilities that lead up to the Armistice on 11th November 1918, thereby stopping the ‘First World War’.

This brief description of the dedication was posted in the Tarporley Parish News of October 1918:

“On Sunday September 1st, at 4 p.m., the Rector dedicated a memorial to the men from Utkinton who have fallen in this great war. The Memorial is a very beautiful one, consisting of two large foundation steps, or bases of Eddisbury Stone, laid in large Joints; on these rests a very large block of sandstone into which is let the great Cross of Teak-wood, 10½ feet high, bearing the Figure of our Lord and Saviour – a very beautiful appealing figure. On the front of the block is carved:

“ Greater love hath no man than this.”

“They gave their hearts to their Homes;

They gave their lives to their Country;

They gave their Souls to God.”

Then follow the names.

On the S side of the stone is carved: “This memorial is raised to the memory of the brave men from Utkinton, who fell in the Great War, 1914.”

The Shrine stands on a site given by Capt. Arden, a little back from the road leading from Tarporley to Willington and facing Quarry Bank. It is the gift of Mrs. Prestwich, of Tirley Garth, who has done so much for the Utkinton Sailors and Soldiers and their friends since the war broke out.

The afternoon was wet and stormy. Perhaps this added to the solemnity of the Service. The Sacred Figure stood out strikingly against the great black storm-clouds. There was a gathering of people – the relations and friends of the men who had fallen, six soldiers on leave and many others. “Lead, kindly Light” was sung. The Rector prayed for the men who are fighting for us, and for those who had fallen, and for those who lived. Then, having dedicated the Memorial to the Glory of God, in the name of God the Son, and in Memory of the Fallen, he spoke on St Paul’s words: “That ye may be able to comprehend with all Saints what is the breadth and length and depth and height, and to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge.” Then followed the Blessing, and a very beautiful service was over.

The Crucifix will be surrounded on three sides by an evergreen hedge and flower border open to the front, ever standing as the token of love which will dare and do: love which cannot rest; love which will sacrifice self; love which will suffer and die for what it loves”.